Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ken Yeager: YPT must recover costs

Hi Lyn,
Thanks for your email.  Peter Pan  was a wonderful program, and I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to attend and see it .  It was a great opportunity for me to meet and speak with the kids involved with YPT, and also to meet some of their parents.  At the program on Tuesday night, I offered to meet with some of these parents in the near future to further discuss YPT.  Please let Tony Filice know in my office if you want to participate in that.
I have been working with City staff to learn more about what the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) has asked of this program director. From talking to PRNS Administration, they have asked this program to achieve full cost-recovery and therefore pay for the two full-time employees. PRNS has submitted their proposed budget to the City Manager's Office, and it will be considered and discussed by the City Council in May, and adopted in June. Before this item is voted on, there will be many chances (in the form of budget study sessions) for the public to weigh in and share their thoughts and concerns. 

I will be working with the PRNS Director, Sara Hensley, to discuss potential alternatives regarding this program in the near future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions or concerns. 

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Hi Ken,
         It was so nice of you to come to the Kirk Community Center last night, its great to see how much you care about our Community. We have to save this program, I want to do everything we can to help. Thanks again Lyn


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