Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Save YPT - Christina Fortune

   My name is Christina Fortune, and I have been in 8 shows at YPT.  I realized that Kirk  was the place for me after watching numerous shows as a girl scout.  My fellow Brownie and I decided to try out for "Winnie the Pooh."  I was new at the theater thing but Kirk made it fun.  Whether we were just exploring the interesting backstage area, having watermelon seed-spitting contests, or being pursuaded to show emotion on stage, I could never imagine a place that I would rather be. Before Kirk, I was shy and reserved.  Carol changed that.  Through theater and improv games, bootcamp, and of course the shows, I came out of my shell.  Soon I was volunteering to read in class, and making friends easier than I ever had before.  Even now I consider Kirk a home to me because home is a place where there are people you love and you feel comfortable in your own skin.  I love everyone at Kirk, especially Carol, I owe her and all of YPT so much.  Through it, I have made lasting friendships and accomplishments.  I am now doing shows at my high school and getting lead parts.  If it hadn't been for Kirk, I doubt I would even have the interest to do shows.  Carol and YPT have been there for me in my best and worst times.  I cannot imagine why a program that gives so much more to the community than it takes should be ended.  It would effect everyone from the audiences and parents to the staff and actors.  It would even effect alumni like me.  I know that I as well as many other alumni would be devastated if Kirk was ever closed.  It is an essential part of the community and many peoples' lives.  I refuse to watch this program that has been a vital part of my life be shut down as if it didn't matter.  It does matter, and it will be fought for as long as there are people who love it, therefore; it will be fought for forever. 

My mother Sue Fortune would like to add:

My daughter is 17 years old, she is a Junior at Archbishop Mitty high school.  She has been successful in singing competitions, she participates in choirs and school musicals, she is a peer counselor, she helps with the church youth group; she is one year away from being an adult.  I believe that Carol and Young People's theater helped her to become the confident, talented young woman she is.  There is no price that can be put on the life changing experience that YPT provides.  Please let it continue for the sake of all youth, for they deserve the same experience that my daughter was lucky enough to get. 


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