Tuesday, March 08, 2005

from Janet & Matt Berry

Dear Ms Berry and Ms Rosen:

 Would anyone from Willow Glen and perhaps the Cambrian Times be willing to do an article on the Young People's Theater at Kirk Community Center?  This program has been functioning for 22 years and has met numerous needs of the youth of both Willow Glen and Cambrian.  It has raised $78,000 for the city last year, has raised $7000 for American Breast Cancer, and collected over 100,000 quality can foods for Sacred Heart.  The city is highly considering cutting the program.  They say that they need to do budget cuts but in reality this program is pretty much self supported and as written above, actually bring money into the city.  They are threatening that if the program cannot double the income, then they will cut the program.  In reality, there is talk that they want to make the Kirk Community Center into only a senior citizen program at the expense of the youth of this area. In the past, the faciltiy has been shared and can continue to do so.   I thought it was ironic that Counsellor Judy Chirco was in your last issue of the WillowGlen Times (Vol 15, #3).  In one article she is a liason for the youth and in the other an advocate to the seniors at Kirk Community Center.  At the same time she is not supportive of this program in which none other exists in this Willow Glen/ Cambrian community.  Numerous youth are devastated that their beloved program will be gone next fall and there is no other.  Sporting program abound everywhere, but little is offered to the creative child.  My son's letter to Judy Chirco is attached so to give a child's point of view (especially the 2nd paragraph).  The following e-mail is for Rosie Marks who is an excellent spokesperson for the YPT, ypt@epeus.com. Additional information can also be found on our website  http://yptsupport.blogspot.com.  Thank you for the consideration. 


Thank you

Janet Berry
1760 Maykirk Rd
San Jose, CA  95124

Dear Mrs. Chirco

     Hi, my name is Matt Berry, I'm 13 years old and I use to be your neighbor.  My mom and dad tried writing but I felt that I needed to write too because I've heard that the city might turn the Kirk Community Center into a complete senior citizen program and close the Young People's Theater.  Now, I feel for the seniors but we hardly even use the facility.  We have
the cafeteria, rooms 6, 7, and 8 and thats about all. I'm sure we could also work with seniors by giving them free shows and more.  YPT has been pretty much self supportive and has still been able to keep up the sets and keep the program running.  That means they would be a good support for the city financially. Also, this program raises a lot of money for the
American Breast Cancer Society, so if the program was cut the city would be letting down a lot of breast cancer patients. 

    For me, this program is everything.  I've always liked acting, but my school doesn't have a good program.  I have never been good at sports and always just felt like that one kid who couldn't do anything.  YPT has given me a lot more friends, boosted my confidence, and gave me something to be good at.  I do not know what I would do without this program.  Just last year, I was introduced to it, and I already like it more than Disneyland.  This program means so much to me and all the other kids.  These are not just plays, they're my favorite things in life.  All the kids love it here, and to lose it would be terrible.

Please consider this letter.  it has taken a lot of time and it is very important to me.


Matt Berry


At 10:19 PM, Blogger Mich@el@ said...

All this is true! YPT is the best! Make sure that Kirk doesn't get shut down, there are too many memories and fun there!


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