Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The legacy of YPT is the children - Karen Howell

I was devastated to learn that once again YPT is facing closure. The legacy of YPT is the children, like my daughter who have gone on to be successful young people because YPT, Carole, Donna and the staff were part of her life. A simple ladybug with one little line and a self conscious nine year old is transformed into a confident person. Over the years, Carole has given so many children there one moment to shine. She has made those single moments in most cases more important than the big parts and big moments. Each person has their opportunity to be a star and she would spend as much time on that one moment as she would on any other part. Young people need to believe that they can do things that they only watch others do and be loved and accepted for who they are and what they have to offer as a person. Carole's impact on Kaitlyn's life is immeasurable and her humanity, kindness and acceptance of others are all qualities that Kaitlyn learned from her and her staff at YPT. Do not take away these special childhood moments from our children in our community. Even as Kaitlyn and her best friend's Christina's life moved in other directions, Carole and Donna continued to reach out to them and validate them. When Christina's brother died I will never forget among the crowded room at the reception after the funeral were her loyal friends Carole and Donna, there to continue to support and care.  You cannot take away these opportunities from other children. To make an impact on one child is amazing, to have changed so many young lives over the years is extraordinary. I will do whatever I need to do to keep YPT here. Please read carefully our heartfelt requests and let this program remain in our community.
Karen Howell


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