Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I would be devastated if YPT was closed down - Kaitlyn Howell

My name is Kaitlyn Howell and I would be devastated if YPT was closed down. I started to do plays there when I was in fourth grade. My first play was Winnie the Pooh. I played a ladybug. Carole gave me a chance to be a part of her production, even though I was shy and asked about 20 questions an hour. I went on to do seven more plays at Kirk. Kirk allowed me to grow as a person and create life long friends. Carole has given so many children a chance to get involved in theater and learned to express themselves. If you close YPT, I feel like you would be doing a huge disservice to all the children who would have benefited from the plays. This includes all the children in the play as well as all the children who come to see the performances. The closure of YPT would also stop the collecting of a lot of food for the poor. Every time someone goes to a production at YPT, they must bring at least two cans of food. All this food would be lost without the help of YPT.
Sincerely Kaitlyn Howell


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